Electronics & Communication Engineering

For all technical studies, laboratory work is essential. Particularly, in the modern world, Electronics and Communication Engineering course has become a pioneering engineering subject for the fast development. Keeping its importance in the mind, most contemporary infrastructure has been made available in all labs for the benefit of the students.

The Department of Electronics Engineering is having an intake of 60 students per annum in the stream of B.E.(Electronics Engineering). With the exceptional effort put in by the staff a new course in B.E.( Electronics and Communication Engineering) was started during the academic year 1999_2000 with the intake of 60 students per annum. The Department has sufficient infrastructure facilities and staff to satisfy the needs of both the courses. The laboratory needs for both courses are catered by following laboratories well quipped with latest infrastructure.

Electronics Devices and Circuit Laboratory

This lab has all basic devices and components including fabricated experimental boards and breadboards to perform experiments to understand the basics of experimental characteristic of devices, amplifiers, voltage regulators, rectifiers etc. By performing the experiments on breadboard the performance of the circuits can be tested under different operating conditions. Computer is also available to undertake simulation experiments

Microwave Measurements Lab

This laboratory is equipped with 9 microwave test benches with all necessary equipments and components, which can demonstrate fundamental aspects of microwave engineering such as generation of microwaves, its propagation through various microwave devices, enables fundamental understanding of various types of antennas through measurement of gain and radiation pattern. Experiments have been designed to demonstrate the basic fundamentals of transmission line theory such as VSWR, use of Smith chart and impedance measurements. It is planned to add the state of art experiments based on micro strip lines which will demonstrate the advancement in the field of microwave engineering

Microprocessor Lab

It also has all the facilities to test the programs in assembly language and machine language for 8085 and 8086. The lab has about sixteen 8085 kits, three 8086 kits with various I/O cards and 8051 microntrollers.

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