NCC was established as an extra activity in our college in Aug’2002 with the company No.171/3&4 with100 cadets. Eight batches has passed away & received B & C certificates. The main aim of getting NCC into the college is to inculcate unity & discipline in the cadets, to develop personality and to build confidence in them.
Self-confidence is a personality trait that is shaped by joining in NCC. Whatever the role we play or is assigned to us, it should be our endeavor to perform the task well. NCC says”Our entry not is remarkable, but our exit should blaze a trail of glory”. NCC provides necessary skills to apply this dictum in our real life. It doesn’t consider that any work is low or beneath our dignity if we put our heart and soul into it. It ensures the cadets in:
Achieving socially responsible behavior
Developing intellectual skills and
Selecting and preparing for an occupation
Participation in the activities of drill and weapon training, and adventure activities, programmers to promote voluntary blood donation, mass literacy and etc…, helps in flowering personalities of the students, of the students. An NCC cadet can create an opportunity instead of waiting for the opportunity.

Lt.Ravindra Babu Kallam

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